Desiri (Des-er-ā)

Full time banker and mom, part time blogger

Hey! I’m Desiri, owner and operator of Winnie Francisca. I am a new mom, living in Atlanta with my daughter, husband, two cats and dog. Although I’m a new mom, I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Writing isn’t my only passion, shopping is too which is why I felt compelled to start this blog. Being a new mom you buy a lot of things, way more than you actually need. It’s no ones fault and I fell victim to the idea that my baby needed anything and everything marketed to me. I’ve done the research and I’ve used the products, I’m here to give you my honest feedback for all types of baby products, clothes and recipes.

My Background
  • B.S in Communications with a focus in media studies
  • Certified Wedding Planner
  • Full-Time Banker
  • Fluent in sarcasm