Assholes On the Internet

I’ll be the first one to admit, sometimes I can be the asshole on the internet.  Recently though I’ve encountered some things that have completely blown my mind.  I was on a baby app that has a discussion area.  I won’t name names but it’s pretty popular.  Anyway, I was searching for the drama posts; you know the ones, something controversial that has 80 comments and counting.  I found one and interestingly enough it was on breastfeeding.  This woman is talking about how she feels she can’t celebrate breastfeeding her baby as long as she has because ultimately someone will get butt hurt.  I want to start by saying I’m not the type of person that needs the old yeehaw for doing what I’m supposed to do.  My job is to feed my baby and I get that done, her chubby little thighs are proof of that.  Anyway, people started telling her what a great mama she is and I’m all for it.  That’s amazing, if you read my other post you know breastfeeding is something I have worked on and still struggle with.  I think it’s an amazing thing women are able to exclusively breastfeed for so long, so please don’t think this is me calling her the asshole.  This goes far beyond that. 

The thread eventually gets deleted so I’ll have to paraphrase.  A woman commented that giving babies formula isn’t natural and the reason women don’t breastfeed is because it is an inconvenience to them and they are lazy.  I don’t know what happened first either my heart shattered because WTF, or rage welled up inside me.  Whatever happened first, the rage stayed.  I wanted to interact so badly, I wanted to tell her how wrong she was.  I wanted her to know I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on lactation supplements and that I’ve gone to lactation specialists.  She needed to know I’ve spent the last four months of my life pumping around the clock to get a few ounces a day because I want that for my daughter.  I wanted to know if she really thought my daughter should just starve to death because I don’t have the supply to exclusively breastfeed.  I was livid at this point, and what was worse was people were agreeing with her.  I typed my response and then deleted it, typed it again and deleted it again.  I know I looked like Regina George writing in her burn book, but I couldn’t help myself.  This woman is the “nastiest skank bitch I ever met”.  After writing and rewriting over and over again, I had it!  I posted it, smiled and exited the app.  I slept well knowing what I said to her: You dumb bitch