Baby Brezza® One-Step Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Price: $75.99

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When I was creating my baby registry, I was scrolling through all the recommendations I could find.   I kept seeing Baby Brezza products and became interested.  I first saw their Formula Maker Pro and nixed it because “I’m going to exclusively breastfeed”.  Next up, I saw the One Step Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer.  I looked at the reviews and thought why not.  I put it on my registry because if I got it, awesome and if not I wasn’t going to sweat it.  Not going to lie I stalked my baby registry so I knew when it was bought and was so excited.  I just knew this product was going to be so helpful, and it actually is.

Unlike boiling a pot of water and having to watch the stove the entire time the Baby Brezza disinfects and dries in 45 mins.  This makes it so convenient to always have clean and sterile bottles ready to go.  Not only is it great for bottles but you can throw in pacifiers, teethers and toys.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to throw Sophie the giraffe in there because my dog thought it was his.  It also doesn’t take much distilled water either, so one jug will last you awhile.

Something I dislike about the Baby Brezza is, it does take up a lot of room on the counter top.  My kitchen is pretty small so having another gadget taking up space can get in the way.  Other things that aren’t necessarily bad but you should watch for is the place where you put the distilled water can get rusty if you don’t dry it after using it.  I’ve had this happen and luckily it does wipe out.  The other thing to watch for is, if you overfill where the water goes, it will leak all over your countertops.  I know this because I didn’t read the instructions and poured way too much water in and out it came.

Overall the Baby Brezza is a great product if you’re looking to disinfect in a quick manner. It’s perfect to fill throughout the day and start the process right before bed and before your little one wakes for their first feeding. Definitely check it out or even put it on your registry, you never know what people will surprise you with.

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