Boppy pillow

Price: $29.99

Purchased at: Target

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If you’ve read my “About me” section you know my family and I live in Atlanta.  That being said it’s just my husband and daughter, we don’t have any other family here or nearby.  All of our family lives in Virginia and my husband had this *brilliant* idea to drive up there and surprise everyone for the holidays.  I reluctantly agreed.  It’s not that I didn’t want to, it was that we were about to take a ten hour road trip with a ten week old baby.  That and I just knew that amount of “advice” coming our way was going to annoy the shit out of me.  I was wrong about one thing, it took us fourteen hours to get there, not ten.  I’ll tell that tale another time but what this comes down to is a product review of a well reviewed, much loved product.  When we were packing what seemed to be my daughters entire room, my husband held up our Boppy Pillow.  “What about this”? He waited holding the pillow while I recounted that amount of times we actually used it.  I told him not to pack it and I have my reasons. 

My first reason is that it takes up too much space and for what?  A normal pillow can do the same thing.  Now my review might be different if my daughter would actually latch consistently but she doesn’t (Blog post about that coming soon).  To me the Boppy is just a pillow and not the most necessary thing a new mom would need.  I do like propping my baby up with it or using it for tummy time but I have a lot of other options for her to use.  The bottom line for me is, I put it on my baby registry thinking it would be a staple in my nursery and it’s just something I move out of my way, from the chair to the crib, to the floor then back to the chair.  I think it’s a really nice gift to give someone, it’s a great price point and you can throw in an extra cover to really tie the gift together but is it the most necessary thing that a new mom will be using?  Probably not.  I love the idea of the Boppy pillow, it’s just not the best thing for me.

*I am in no way getting paid for this review, nor was I given the product for free, I purchased it with my own money and am giving you my personal and honest review