Fridababy Snotsucker

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Since we brought my daughter home from the hospital I feel like she’s had a congested nose.  It started out where you could hear her breathing then progressed to her making piglet noises.  One day while I was holding her, I saw it.  This gross baby booger deep in her nose.  I feel like saying baby booger makes it less gross but this is a review of the FridaBaby Nose Sucker so this whole post is probably gross.  Anyway, I called my husband and told him to bring the nose sucker, laughing because it grossed him out.  He brought it and refused to try it first (he does now).  I was so excited, I put the tube up to her nose, sucked and nothing happened.  I tried several times and nothing happened. 

I was a little stressed at this point because my daughter was having a full blown meltdown and rightfully so.  I tried again and still nothing.  I’ll admit I was scared to suck too hard and hurt her.  Finally, my husband grabbed it and tried it.  It all came out, quickly.  It was such a fast relief for her, as soon as it was all out I had a bottle in her mouth and the tears and piglet noises were a thing in the past.  I can’t recommend this enough.  As soon as you get over the idea and the name of the snot sucker, you realize what a great gadget it is to have around the house.  One thing I can recommend is having extra filters on hand.  I’ll link both!  

Again you won’t be disappointed with this and it’s so much more sensitive than the bulb

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