When creating my daughter’s nursery I wanted a space that she could grow into. I didn’t want something so “baby” that I would be forced to change in two or three years. I found this mural on Etsy and immediately fell in love. The colors were beautiful and soothing, yet the idea of the animals were exciting. I’m not going to lie, putting it up was brutal. Maybe it was because I was pregnant when we did it, but it wasn’t easy. I even looked at hiring someone to do it for us. FYI hiring someone to hang a mural is insane, people were wanting to charge us hundreds of dollars. So my husband and I sucked it up and DIYed it. Overall it came out amazing and I was only slightly sore the next day. I’ll link the mural here. Other aspects of her nursery are very earthy tones; greens, browns, whites, with the pop of color pink rug to tie it together. I’ll put all the links I could find below. Know, I did find a lot of these items at Marshalls and HomeGoods so they may not be available.