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It never actually occurred to me when I had my daughter that babies get earwax.  I don’t know why I never thought it would be an issue, but recently it has.  One thing about me is, I over clean my ears and it drives my husband insane.  So seeing dirty ears on anyone is cringe-worthy for me.  When I noticed a bunch of earwax hanging out in my baby’s ears I was kind of freaking out.  I knew I couldn’t use a q-tip so I was stumped.  I looked up how to clean a baby’s ears and an ad for the OogieBear popped up.  I’m a sucker for little gadgets, so I ordered one and thanks to Amazon Prime it was at my door the next day. 

It looks almost like a plastic q-tip, with a tiny little scoop on the end.  I sanitized it before I used it, and scooped out all the gross baby earwax.  It’s almost too easy with this product.  There’s a stopper so you don’t jam it into your baby’s ear and possibly hurt them, which is what I was afraid of.  Once you’re done you just wash and sanitize (Baby Brezza One Step Sanitizer review coming soon).  There really are no bad things to say about this product, you can also use it for those hard to reach baby boogers too.  The only thing I could say is I wish it came with a little carrying case because it is small and easy to misplace.  

This is a must have if you have a baby.  Easy to use, a great price and gentle.  You cannot go wrong with OogieBear. 

*OogieBear also has another version called OogieBear-Bright and although I’ve never tried that one it looks amazing!  I’ll link that one here.

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