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Price: $29.99

Purchased from: Target

Buy here: Prop-A-Pillar

The dreaded tummy time.  We all know it’s necessary because we don’t want our kid to have a flat head, but sometimes it just sucks.  Either your baby will start getting fussy, have a full-blown melt down, or if you’re lucky they might just fall asleep and not care they are being propped up by whatever blanket or in my case travel neck pillow you’re using.  I have tried giant water mats, regular play mats, pillows, even myself to make tummy time more exciting to no avail.  It always ends in tears, hers not mine, okay maybe sometimes mine. Nevertheless, I was on a mission to find something we would both enjoy, so I did what any other mom in my case would do; I threw on my basic bitch outfit: black leggings, white t-shirt with a jean jacket, a pair of Vans and headed to my local Target.

I grabbed a cart and headed to the baby section, which is abnormally small at my local Target.  I checked out the baby clothes, a Target trip must, grabbed a few cute holiday outfits and kept it moving to the aisles where I searched for anything that would make a good Christmas gift. That’s when I saw it- this brightly colored caterpillar smiling at me immediately piqued my interest.  I picked up the box and realized it would be easy to wrap, because of that I was almost sold, why do they make baby toys so freaking awkward to wrap anyway?  Reading the box, I saw it was used for tummy time and supported sitting something my two-month-old daughter could benefit from.  With a price tag of $29.99 it was a gamble, but one I was willing to bet on.

I didn’t really have any expectations when it came to this tummy time mat and seat but as it turns out I actually really love it.  The colors are vibrant, and it is super easy to transition from seat to tummy time.  I like that it is portable and can easily be taken around the house without it being too heavy or awkward to carry.  My daughter seems to really enjoy sitting in it and I get a lot of smiles from her while she is in it.  I love that it hugs her body and has head support as well.  I can see her using this for quite some time.  One thing I would change is the strength of the Velcro that is used to hold the seat together.  I can see it breaking down over time or giving out as my daughter gets bigger but at 2 months and 12 pounds this works perfectly for her. 

Overall I would definitely recommend the Infantino Go Gaga! Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support.  One thing to know is, it is exclusive to Target.  So you’ll need to head to your local store or purchase it or by using the link above.  If you have any questions about this seat and tummy time product feel free to reach out!

*I am in no way getting paid for this review, nor was I given the product for free, I purchased it with my own money and am giving you my personal and honest review.