Tommee Tippee Ultra-Light Silicone Baby PacifieR

Price: $11.97 for 4 pacifiers 

Purchased from: Amazon

Purchase here: Tommee Tippee

I introduced my daughter to pacifiers in order to try and get some much needed sleep so I gave her a giraffe Wabbanub.  It was so cute watching her cling to the giraffe only to realize she could not keep the pacifier in her mouth; so that cute clinging soon became rage gripping.  Giving her that pacifier did absolutely nothing but give me a new job of a royal pacifier holder.  Just as her little eyes shut and I thought I was in the clear to remove the pacifier, her eyes would spring open with this look of anger.  Like how dare I remove her beloved pacifier.  I needed to find a replacement immediately.

I had lactation specialists tell me she had a bad latch, I had doctors tell me she did not have a lip tie and I had people tell me she was just spoiled.  So I searched the web.  I looked for pacifiers for babies with a lip tie, just in case.  I came across the Tommee Tippee Ultra Light Silicone Pacifiers.  At this point I was willing to try anything so I ordered them.  The next day they arrived, I washed them and put one in my daughters mouth, expecting for her to spit it right out; but she didn’t.  She has been using these pacifiers for about two months now and they are the only ones that she can keep in by herself. I read a *bunch* of reviews of moms’ who felt the same way.  100% if your baby has a bad latch, or a lip tie try these pacifiers, if not for your baby, try them for your own sanity.  The only negative thing I can say is that, I can’t find them in store anywhere and I would love to be able to pick up a pack when I’m out because in my house having just four is not enough. 

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